My top three healthy habits

Over the years, I’ve built a number of healthy habits. I’ve seen how these habits help me as a person and even when I’m in a bit of a slump when it comes to weight loss, I’ve always got a healthy lifestyle to fall back on. Simply Health asked me to share these habits with you all, so here you go.

Eat clean

This, essentially, means no processed food. This is the one rule of my life I try to stick to as strictly as possible. It’s not restrictive, it’s not boring – in fact it’s one of the most wonderful ways to eat. I spend a lot of the time cooking organic meat, making up new vegetable dishes and eating food that’s full of good stuff. Of course, I can still over eat but at least I know the food I’m getting isn’t full of chemicals and processed sugar.

This includes the tip I give everyone – Drink more water. It’s the most important thing in any healthy lifestyle.

Lift heavy

woman deadlift

I’ve written a whole article on why women should life heavy. It’s all about building strength, maintaining muscle and getting your metabolism going. There are plenty of big compounds lifts that burn calories too so weight lifting can help you to lose weight and tone up.

Even if I’m feeling too lazy to go for a run or to do a high intensity cardio session, I will always go and lift weights. I love feeling strong. I am a superhero.

Be happy

Don’t let healthy habits get you down. If they do then you need to take a┬ástep back and adjust what you’re doing. This is why I don’t get fad diets, what’s the point in being miserable just so you can lose weight. It might’ve taken me years to lost 70lbs but I’ve enjoyed every step of it. I rarely turn down the offer of a good meal and I still take the chance to go out with friends and have fun. It might be that I have to exercise more in the run up to a night out, or have a smaller lunch but I don’t cut the fun things out of life.

A healthy lifestyle should make you feel amazing, you’re doing it wrong if you feel anything but that.

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