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Doe Deere, queen of all things glittery and cool. Her blog is one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen as a make up and fashion lover. Each piece of photography on the blog is gorgeous (she’s a model with a photographer partner so there’s no reason it shouldn’t be.)

She also has her own stunningly colorful makeup range. Limecrime.
I’ve chatted about her and her brilliant blog before but during my weekly perusal of it I found the above image which I instantly fell in love with.

Check out her blog and makeup range.


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  1. Doe Deere is nothing but a con artist. I would never buy her make-up. She claims all her cosmetics are created by her. They are not. She only created the names. Her cosmetics are actually wholesale cosmetics which can be purchased for half the price from TKB. Although what she is doing is not illeagal, it’s misleading.

    If you search Google, you will find many mixed stories regarding this xxx

  2. Hello there, just wanted to know how I may get a hold of the admin of this blog? I own my own health site and was interested in featuring your site.

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