My Closet

Our house is a three bedroom terrace but the third bedroom can hardly be called that at all so we have a two bedroom terrace with a dressing room! Now, this is a rented house other wise I would’ve properly done this room over to make it more manageable, prettier and with more space. God I can’t wait until we can buy! Anyways I thought I’d include a few hastily taken IPhone pictures so you can get an idea of the colourfulness of my wardrobe.

Here’s the wardrobe – colourful. More clothes in a drawer down to the left of these but it is a mess you don’t need to see it. There is absolutely no organisation here, it is horrible but I don’t have the space to do things how I want. I might just pull it all out one day and start over. I cleared this out not so long ago so most of the stuff I wear or at least intend to wear. Below are some of my favourite colourful / shiny pieces.

This is a brown and black sequined dress, I think it is from Next.

My Pink feather boa that Justin from the Darkness wore on stage in Paris at La Boule Noire.

Green silk dress from Next.

Thrifted pink, tartan jacket. Label reads ‘Nico Nico’ – note the badges. I am awesome.

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