ModBox at TK Maxx

It’s a little known fact that there’s a menswear ModBox at a lot of TK Maxx stores. Both the men’s and women’s clothes from the ModBox section tend to be a bit trendier than TK Maxx’s usual fare.


I don’t want to use the word hipster but I think I might have to. However, that’s not a bad thing. Ben and I popped to our local TK Maxx to see what it had to offer. The men’s section was small but what was there certainly stood out. The shirts were particularly wonderful – lots of birds – but not to Ben’s tastes unfortunately.


Ben may have firmly said no to this shirt too but I love it. I was tempted to buy it for myself. You can’t really go wrong with anything comic book themed.


We went there with a few items in mind to buy and although we didn’t find them we did come away with some snazzy t-shirts. (Ben’s a jeans and t-shirts kind of a guy, so this was to be expected.) We’re also planning on going back this weekend to do a bit more shopping and perhaps to buy myself a leather-look dress I had on in the women’s ModBox section. More on that soon!

If you’re looking for bold patterns, animal print jumpers, shirts that will make you stand out, or on-trend knee-length shorts then do take a look at the ModBox. Check with your local store though as this section isn’t in every store.

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