Missguided nail polish

I’ve heard really good things about these polishes and I just wanted to share them with you. The image below is the entire collection, each polish is just £5. Bargain.

Particularly stunning is the nude – MissCellaneous – and the black/gold – MissFit. Nude is so in right now and while it isn’t a nail trend I’ve tried it looks good on so many people. I think if you are looking to try the nude nails trend then you can’t really go wrong with a £5 bottle of polish.

The MissFit is a black filled with little bits of gold glitter. Black and gold is a great combination and I know that polish would go amazingly with a leopard print dress I’ve got. However, as much as I LOVE anything with glitter, polish containing it is so hard to get off.

If anyone can give me any tips for removing glittery nail polish then that would be lovely.

All the nail polishes, along with equally yummy clothes, shoes and accessories are available from www.missguided.co.uk

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  1. I am wearing the nude one right now and I love it! Really want the black and gold one too. Other £5 nail varnishes that are amazing are Models Own ones. Amazing colours, long lasting and lots of product for a small price. Definitely try them :)

  2. I like the Models Own polishes, I’ve got a couple but there’s only one colour I really wear which is a pastel purple. I definitely need to try nude though.

  3. The only thing I’ve found that will get glitter off nails is 100% acetone. Just make sure you have some nail oil or a really rich lotion to use afterwards because it strips all the moisture from your nails too.

    But I agree, black with gold glitter would look amazing with leopard print!

  4. Hello,
    could you please give me the name of the colour of the light pink nail polish of missguided. Its the one to the left hand side in the picture.
    thank you

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