Men’s shoes – there’s more to life than trainers

I get a lot of requests for posts about men’s fashion, I’m no expert but I know what I like to see. I thought I’d start with shoes. I’ve always stuck by the fact that men have better shoe choices than women, I like high heels but give me a cow boy boot anyway. Luckily, with size eight feet, I can wear men’s shoes.

Enough about me. Take a gander at these beauties.

While men in boots  make me go week at the knees, I also think it’s partly to do with knowing that guy is conscious of how he dresses. He knows there’s more to fashion than jeans, t-shirt and trainers. A good pair of boots can be worn as ‘going out shoes’ to those clubs who don’t allow trainers. Or they could be worn casually with jeans, or you might even be able to get away with them and a suit.

I know a lot of my men’s fashion advice comes down to Doctor Who fashion but the eleventh Doctor does it right, Prada boots, tweed and a bow tie. (I suspect this is a look only a time traveller could pull off but definitely think about the boots.)

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