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Hello Gentleman.

I don’t get the pleasure of talking about men’s clothes very often, it is a shame because I love men’s fashion. It is somewhat an obsession. I am not blessed with a boyfriend who is happy to go shopping on a weekly basis so I can choose his wardrobe, so I am taking on my male readership to help you find a new style. I’ll try and do it all thriftily but I’m not going to be putting you in an outfit that will fall apart whilst you are running around being manly.

I’ll try and put these into full outfits but it might be best to just take this as a list of brilliant pieces that would compliment your wardrobe. Not knowing you exact wardrobe and other details I might be way off the mark with what will fit in but that’s what the comments are for.

t-shirt, men's fashion, skull, asos
£12 from

jeans, asos, mens, skinny
£25 from
I love these jeans. They may not be for you if you are particularly skinny and tall (unless you fancy an emo look) but would certainly suit someone of average height and build. They’d also go brilliantly with converse, pointed boots, the above t-shirt and a waist coat (although maybe not all at once.)

jeans, baggy, ripped, vintage, superdry
£65 from
These are gorgeous, made by Superdry, a brand I love. I don’t think you should skimp on jeans, a good pair of jeans will last you years. These are more body shape friendly and will suit almost anyone.

boot, chelsea, blue, pointed, heel, cowboy, mens
Any man that can pull of pointed boots will certainly turn my head. Any man that can wear electric blue, pointed boots will have me dribbling. These might not be for everyone but the good news is that they do them in black too.

shirt, check, mens, cowboy, outfit, clothes
These shirts are so in right now, they look awesome, suit almost everybody and can be worn a number of ways. You can wear a plain t-shirt underneath with the shirt done up partly, or undone or you can wear it as you would a normal shirt. For a sexy cowboy look go for some black pointed boots and ripped jeans.

sweater, jumper, formal, shirt
£23 from
Wear a simple black jumper over a plain open necked shirt for a more casual look at work. Suit jackets and ties can sometimes be too much, these jumpers look smart and very stunning.

suit, reiss, well made, quality, 425, mens
£425 from
More men, especially of the younger generations should wear three piece suits. Go for quality. I can spot a cheap suit from a mile away. This is a stunning set of clothes, men should go out dressed up like this for no reason other than the fact that they look fabulous. If you can afford to have a suit tailored to your measurements do so, however, if you can’t then you should buy a suit and take it to a tailor who can fit it to your body size. Get a suit that fits, you may find the trousers are too long, the jacket is a bit loose, a tailor could sort all this out and more for around £20.

jacket, winter, coat, grey, republic
£59.99 from Republic
A nice fitted, smart coat is something I don’t see enough on men. Sure there are other, casual coats out there (one of which I’ve outlined below) but jackets such as this always look good.

coat, jacket, mens
£44.99 from Republic
This is a nice, simple jacket. Great to wear when you are heading out clubbing and have to take a jacket for those cold walks between clubs and bars. The collar shape is unusual and that pulls this out from the hundreds of other generic black coats.

shirt, rugby, polo
£19.99 from Republic
Big, bold stripes. If you are cold wear this over a simple long-sleeved black top.

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