Makeup tips for when it’s hot

The weather has been amazing these last few weeks but the muggy air plays havoc with my makeup. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep it all in place.

Keep your face clean


Don’t leave make up on for hours on end, especially if you’ve been doing something active. This is a sure fire way to allow sweat and dirt to build up and clog your pores. This all happens under those layers of make up. I tend to keep with me some face wipes. Now, these might not be the best thing in the world for your skin but these Simple ones are definitely better than being sweaty and oily.

Don’t overdo it on the moisturiser

Even if you have dry skin, an intensive moisturiser can leave you looking and feeling oily when it’s hot outside. Keep your usual moisturiser for bedtime when no one really cares how shiny you look. Swap over to something a little lighter (perhaps even something for oily skin) during the day when it’s hot.

Try a BB cream or tinted moisturiser


I have normal skin with the occasional dry patch so this BB cream from Witch just leaves me looking flaky. However, a BB cream tends to be a little lighter than a full on foundation so it’s easier to apply and won’t be affected so much by the weather. Another upside is the SPF, very important.

A tinted moisturiser is another option as it’ll give you light coverage but you won’t feel like you’re wearing anything (on your face…).



In order to get your makeup to stay put, you’ll need to use a primer. I love this face primer from Benefit as it makes you skin feel super smooth while preparing it for flawless foundation application.

I’m not a big foundation wearer so, in the summer, I’m happy to forego it. However, I do wear a lot of eye make up, especially on nights out. These MAC Paintpots are my favourite thing in the world. The green I use under blue, green and purple eyeshadows. Not only does the eye makeup stay put but the base also helps the colour to pop! For more neutral colours, I use the pinky-gold underneath.

I also have the Urban Decay Primer Potion (who doesn’t!) to use under my eyes to stop eyeliner and mascara smudging downwards as the evening goes on.

Setting spray

Honestly, I haven’t tried these but I’ve heard such good things about them – especially the MAC one. If you have particularly intricate or heavy makeup that you need to set in place then one of these sprays could be your best friend.

Consider products for a different skin type

As I said before my skin is relatively normal but sometimes gets dry. That’s not to say that products for oily/combination skin don’t have a place in my routine, especially in the summer. This Madara toner is great for getting rid of any oily build up as well as for removing really stubborn makeup that my usual makeup remover won’t touch. (I’m looking at you, They’re Real! Mascara.)

Less is more

Perhaps you don’t need a face full of make up. Maybe that little bit of a tan you’ve picked up is making your skin glow and you feel it’s time to give your eyes a rest from heavy false eyelashes. Especially if you’re going to be wearing sunnies!

Stop shine


This can be done with special wipes or you could apply a light dusting of translucent powder to your skin. Keep some, along with a brush, in your bag when you go out so you can freshen up your look in an instant.

What are your makeup tips for when it’s hot?

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