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This is a topic I’ve wanted to write on for a while but I’d love to know your opinions on the subject. If you’ve written a similar post or plan to write something, add the link to the link-up at the bottom of the page. If you’d be so kind to link back here to get others involved that would be great!

Ever since beginning to lose weight I’ve had time to dwell on how I feel about my body. Do I hate it and that’s why I want to change it? No, god no!

I love my body and that’s why I am getting fitter and healthier. I love how I look but think how I could look without flabby bits. I think how I could look if clothes fitted me properly. I also think about my skin, my heart, my lungs, my hair, everything. I’ve lost 60lbs and I am so much healthier. I owe it to my body to keep motoring on with that.


As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been exposed to a lot of pro-anorexia stuff (mainly through Tumblr) that breaks my heart. Beautiful women who think they are fat or horrible looking and that a starve/binge/purge cycle will help them to be beautiful. I’m not one to judge on body type. Curvy is beautiful, bones are beautiful, muscle is beautiful. But health is way above all of those for me.

Yes, I want to look good. There was a point at the beginning of my weight loss when looking good was my sole motivation. But things have changed, I’m not doing this to lose weight any more. I’m eating better and exercising so I can be healthy and fit. I want to out run the boys, have the stamina to dance all night long, and not have to worry about eating an entire pizza.

The media doesn’t help. It shows us pictures of skinny models and then tells us that skinny is bad, curvy is good. Then doctors tell us that being overweight is bad. We could die! Curvy women who are overweight have nowhere to turn, should they lose weight? Should they embrace their curves?

Embrace your curves, if you have them. Lead a healthy lifestyle and you can’t go wrong. You might lose weight but generally if you have curves at 17 stone you’re likely to have them at 10 stone too.

Those of you blessed with high cheekbones, tiny waists and skinny legs. Embrace it, don’t let people tell you what you need to be. You don’t need to be curvy, you don’t need to be thinner.

Muscular women, show off those muscles! No doubt you’ve worked hard to get them!

Learn to dress for your shape and it would make a whole world of difference to how you see yourself.

Love your body and treat it well.

Feel free to link your body image blog posts below and leave a comment when you do! I’ll be along to read and comment!

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  1. I could fill up that linky tool with body-image posts, but those are two of my recent favorites! Body image is an important topic, especially with all that scary “thinspo” stuff floating around. Thank you for encouraging self-acceptance, no matter what size or shape you are. :)

  2. Love this post! It’s important for women to love ourselves how we are and not criticize others or ourselves for it! We need confidence and to stand up for how we are made! Great message here. Love that you showed both sides of the story and encourage us to embrace all body types!!


  3. I find this a really tough topic to write about without sounding like a total bitch, but I gave it a go! (probably the worst written, least structured blog post I’ve ever done!) xxx

  4. Great post. It’s a tough topic and one that affects most women. I’ve felt insecure on and off but I must say, life’s too short! It’s great to love our bodies and appreciate where they take us. Health is important. Inobtainable ideals are not worth chasing. Easier said than done, I admit.

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