Lose those Christmas pounds

IMG_6398Christmas was a little difficult in that I didn’t restrain myself with all the food around. I had two helpings of Christmas dinner, drank a fair bit of alcohol and grazed on sausage meat stuffing and cold roast potatoes for days.

You’re probably wondering how to lose those Christmas pounds!

I wasn’t surprised to see a 7lb (3.2kg) gain on the scales just before NYE. That didn’t stop me, I kept drinking but was a bit more thoughtful about what I was eating.


This photo was taken on the 28th and I think I look half a stone heavier. Still, love the outfit. Top and skirt: New Look | Boots: Boozt | Bracelet: Topman | Earring: New Look.

So my mission was to lose that and perhaps a bit more during January.

NYE – Me, Ben and Dan

When I started Weight Watchers just before Christmas I weighed 12 stone (168lbs/76kg). In my first week I managed to lose 1lb. Woohoo. Then I put on all that weight and didn’t really bother about tracking my food.

I was a bit more mindful of what I was eating between Xmas and New Year. Then something awful happened.

On the way home from the NYE Ben, my boyfriend, slipped off a wet kerb and broke his leg. New Years Day was spent in the hospital while Ben was more or less unconscious as they worked to fix his leg which had been broken in two places.

Me and Ben at the hospital. I am wearing a Vivien of Holloway dress. Ben is wearing a hospital gown and his nicest underwear.
Me and Ben at the hospital. I am wearing a Vivien of Holloway dress. Ben is wearing a hospital gown and his nicest underwear.

He was in hospital for five days. Over those days I didn’t really eat or sleep. I’ve never been so worried in my life. I was so worked up about the whole thing that I made myself ill. I couldn’t eat.

Ben is out of hospital now and doing well but I am nurse. I bring him painkillers, cook and do all the things he’s much better at than me (tidying up,making tea, washing up, cleaning etc.)

As a result, I am up and down the stairs a lot and moving more than I would be if I were just working from home. I’m also eating well because we have such set meal times to coincide with the pain killers.

All this has added up to a 3lb weight loss in the first week and today I weighed in and I’d lost a further 4lbs.

I wouldn’t recommend that anyone breaks their boyfriend’s leg in order to lose weight – these 10 days have been majorly stressful – but set meal times and being aware of what you are eating is definitely something you should try.

I’d definitely recommend Weight Watchers, I like the idea of counting calories but it was always a lot of stress worrying about the other nutrients in my food. The ProPoints system from Weight Watchers does all the calculating for you and allows you to eat anything (in moderation, of course).

I suppose I should start thinking about some New Years resolutions. What are yours?

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