Looking stylish and feeling comfy

IMG_1593Style and comfort are two words that do not usually go together. Too often, fashion is more about how something looks than how easy it is to wear. On the other hand, comfortable clothing is seen negatively, with the connotation that the woman wearing the comfortable and casual outfit just couldn’t be bothered dressing up. It is possible to be stylish and comfortable, though, and a variety of clothing pieces can be incorporated into a woman’s wardrobe, giving her many comfortable options for everyday wear and lounging, that may also allow her to step out in style.

Where style and comfort meet

The key to being comfortable while still looking stylish is to choose pieces that fit well in fabrics that feel good against the skin. When it comes to clothing, comfort is often associated with baggy clothing that has little structure or shape to it – bagging and sagging and concealing the figure. Simply making the effort to wear clothing that fits well, polishes up the look, and brings a comfortable outfit out of the shadows and out with style. Well-tailored pieces such as yoga pants and tops, lightweight jumpers, skinny jeans or leggings, and cotton blouses will all complement the figure while still being comfortable and easy to care for.

Stylish and comfortable clothing pieces

Jeans are the go-to piece to have when style and comfort are required. While relaxed jeans may seem the way to go where comfort is concerned, they can have an unpolished and frumpy look to them. If skinny jeans or the latest trend, jeggings, are not to taste, there are jeans available with a touch of Lycra, allowing a more tailored fit with the flexibility of a more relaxed fit.

As noted above, yoga outfits are an elegant choice offering superior comfort. Though these pieces are fitted and fashionable, they are inherently workout clothing and offer a degree of flexibility and comfort that most clothing does not. Available in a variety of colors, yoga clothing is a great choice for the busy mom who wants to look stylish and needs to maintain an active lifestyle, both in the home and when out and about.

Jumpers are often seen as heavy, bulky items that are only suitable for keeping out the cold, damp air. However, choosing jumpers of softer woven materials, such as cashmere, will provide dressy options for work or social events that offer a touch of elegance and femininity while still being comfortable.

Don’t forget the shoes!

Shoes can be stylish and sexy while also being comfortable. Wedges, platforms and chunky-heeled shoes give the illusion of height while providing more support for the foot and ankle. Flats are always a comfortable option and have become increasingly popular as the must-have shoe for women. Flats are excellent for travel and may offer full support to the foot when moderate walking is needed. Plus, a pretty pair of ballerina flats can make any outfit look elegant and sophisticated. Sneakers are always a comfort choice, but style needn’t be sacrificed. A number of stylish brands, including Rycore Brand Lifestyle Wear, offer excellent sneaker options.

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