Lime Crime

I have to post about this stuff, I’ve been restraining myself because I’ve just ordered some and wanted to wait until it had arrived before I went on about it. Do you seriously want some of the brightest makeup you could possibly imagine because this is the place to be. For those of you in the UK Lime Crime can be bought from Adjamiba Clubwear.

I bought:

Circus Girl

Transylvania Glitter

I fully intend to buy every shade of eyeshadow and lipstick this company brings out. So shiny, so bright, that site is like heaven for me. The line was developed by Russian model Doe Deere (who I love) she has a fabulous blog over at: Check out the tutorials I will be trying some of them in the near future and will be posting the results.

Can’t wait until I receive this stuff, I’ve got something hanging out at Interlink waiting for me to pick it up it’s either this makeup, my £18 vintage dress or some stuff for review. You’ll know as soon as I receive it because I’ll be glittering my way through East Anglia. Wish I could’ve bought some more but I’m poor as hell!

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