Lilylolo Blush and Cover up Review

Before I start you can see the products in action in this post.

I got my hands on some of the cupcake blush and nude cover-up from, I tried them out and loved them but wanted to wait and do a proper review when I had some hi-res photographs. Well I have those now, so here we go.

Cupcake Blush


This colour is delightful, as someone who doesn’t really wear blusher I found this to be just subtle enough to give me a healthy look. It could also be layered up to give a stronger, more made up look. It goes on beautifully and I love that it is mineral, I actually went out with it on and then slept in it (I don’t make a habit of sleeping in my makeup, honest.) It stayed on despite the tossing and turning of the sleep cycle and it really didn’t clog my pores, I didn’t feel greasy any the worse for having left it on.

Nude Cover-up


I’ve only had success with mineral concealers and this stuff was no different, easy to apply, blended well and looked great under foundation. For anyone who wants to grow their mineral makeup collection you should certainly try these products. Beautifully packaged, easy on even the most sensitive of skin and with a brilliant range of products and colours.

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