LightLife Fast – First impressions

I was a little bit dubious when it came to the LighterLife Fast diet. I understand that fasting can be a great way to lose weight and that it has other benefits too but the idea of doing it with processed packs of food didn’t appeal to me as someone who prefers to eat clean where possible.

The 5:2 diet gives you five days of eating normally and two non-consecutive days of eating only 500-600 calories. While this has shown to be good for the metabolism, there’s always the worry that you’re not getting enough nutrients on those fast days.

The LighterLife Fast packs eliminate all the effort from this diet. You can mix and match between all sorts of flavours as long as you have four packs a day. From these four small meals you’ll get all the nutrients you need without going beyond 600 calories. Perfect for anyone who wants to lose some weight without the effort of planning meals.

Having your four LighterLife Fastpacks on each fast day gurantees 100% of your recommended daily allowances for only 600 calories, something that’s virtually impossible if eating a regular food restricted to this many calories.

Week one

The first day of doing this was awful. I love food so restricting myself so much was really difficult. Not to mention the fact that I really didn’t like the porridge or the carbonara, the toffee bars, however, were delicious!

I then relished in eating more normally for a couple of days before the second fast day. This time I was in the office and had a lot more willpower, which made everything so much easier.

I had porridge for breakfast and despite not liking the taste, it was more enjoyable than day one.

Two toffee bars over the course of the day as well as plenty of water, green tea and coffee, ensured I wasn’t craving any other food. Dinner was more difficult, I had a carbonara sachet while the boyfriend ate pork chops.

The second day was definitely easier but I was getting a headache and I’m not keen on how salty everything tastes.

I got through the week eating relatively well on my normal days and was excited for weigh in day.

I lost 5.6lbs.

5.6lbs in one week.

Suddenly it all seemed worth it. I don’t know how sustainable that kind of weight loss is and, if I’m honest, I’ve been a bit slack over the past week and a half and have struggled to stick to the plan. But with Christmas coming up, it makes sense to get back on the wagon and focus before Christmas when I’m bound to eat and drink a lot (everything).

Watch this space where I’ll be documenting how I get on over the coming weeks.

LighterLife Fast is available exclusively at Superdrug, you can buy the Fastpacks here.

If you have any questions or want to know more, you can visit LighterLife on Facebook and on Twitter, too.

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