Life, weight and fashion update

Well, the running has been going okay. I’ve yet to go this week but want to go for a long one tomorrow to make up for it. Also over the next few days I’ll be doing a lot of walking as my friend Lucie is down and we are going to traverse Norfolk in search of electro things to do.

I’ve been stuck at this plateau for a while now. 15 and a half stone. Urgh. I hate typing it. I haven’t been eating well, I’ve been eating chocolate and all manner of organic – but fattening – foods from the Back to the Garden farmshop.

But it seems the running has been paying off. I seriously feel thinner, for the first time since I started this in April 2009. My measurements are also down an inch or two all round. Definitely worth the pain in my ankles and shins from running around the city!

Tomorrow I’m going to do roughly two miles running around an area that is very hilly. I did it in 33 minutes last time I did it and I hope to get it down to 30 minutes this time. I love having goals.

I’m going to eat way too much over the weekend. *sigh*

As for fashion I’m going to be taking a lot of pictures with my darling Lucie of us dressing up in all sorts of things. Expect a lot of rather strange and brilliant outfits. We are the band FckButtons and we are trend setters.

I want to take requests for what you want to see us dress up as (my wardrobe is practically a dressing up box…)

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