Let’s sweat

Over the past couple of years I’ve been slowly undoing the hard work I did losing five stone. I’ve put back on about 30lbs. I’m not telling you this as some kind of sob story but because I think it’s important that I’m accountable. I’ve tried so hard to stay on track but a lack of willpower, laziness and some mental health issues has made it difficult.

This is where I say no more.

Let’s sweat.

I’m going to lose those 30lbs by my birthday in November. I need to stop feeling shit about being so far from my lowest weight and start thinking about my health. I can’t move like I used to and while I’m still fit and strong, I’ve definitely lost something.

Summer is here and this is the perfect time to start running again and eat fancy (protein-rich) salads.

I need you all to motivate me like you once did.


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