Lee Stafford Breaking Hair review

I love Lee Stafford, I’ve already reviewed the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment and regularly use the Messed Up wax and Hair Mustard. When they sent me some of their product for split ends I was really excited. I haven’t been for a hair cut in a while because I’ve been finding better things to spend my money on (sorry Flint) but that means I have mega split ends.

Before  I went back to red I had some blonde bits in my hair. They’re the bits that are dry and the ends break off.

The video gives you a bit of an idea of the before and after. It’s my first vlog, on here – I’m so behind the times. I did do a vlog for Love Norfolk on the Wizard Maize Maze but this is a different kettle of fish.

Excuse my ramblings, no make up and bad lighting. I’ll do better next time.

The products are great and they do exactly what they are supposed to. My, usually quite dull, hair was full of life and shine. The split ends have certainly been lessened. The Lee Stafford Breaking Hair collection is a good thing to use if you tend to wait a while between hair cuts. Although, I will have to visit my hairdresser before Christmas.

Once my hair was dry it looked even better than it does in the video. I couldn’t really get a good up close shot of the ends of my hair. In all the photos we took at the New Found Glory gig, my hair was looking immense.

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