Leap Day, London and Patrick Stewart

A picture heavy post, be warned!

Ben and I went to London on Wednesday. We were going to see a play called Bingo at the Young Vic theatre and we had the whole day off so we decided to get to London at 10:30am and take our time seeing the sights. My obsession with animals took over and we realised that the London Aquarium would only take a couple of hours to walk round.

Ben made a quip that no matter where I go, I am always drawn to the animal attractions. The three hour drive away from our hotel in Kentucky a few years back to go to a zoo is a prime example.



Dory was there.








The beautiful Westminster Abbey



This is exciting for a number of reasons. I have a novel-length story on hold at the moment that is based beneath Westminster in a compound called The Sanctuary. I had no idea there was an actual Sanctuary right on top of my fictional base. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing.


This road also features in my story.



We walked through St. James Park. I have never seen a place so full of birds and squirrels!




We went to this amazing pub called The Sherlock Holmes, we stumbled upon it quite by accident after leaving Trafalgar Square. We drank Sherlock Holmes Ale, which was delicious. Watched the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes on the TV in the corner and I had the most fantastic fish finger sandwich. It genuinely was an amazing experience, such a lovely pub. I’ll definitely be going back.

Image from the Young Vic website

(Image from the Young Vic website)

Then we went to see Bingo. Scenes of Money and Death. It starred Patrick Stewart as William Shakespeare but the rest of the cast were equally as amazing. (Alex Price, who has been in Being Human and Doctor Who, was particularly brilliant.)

The play is on until the 31st of March at the Young Vic. I would urge everyone to go and see it. Not only is Patrick Stewart a phenomenal actor but the play is moving, the dialogue gripping and set was very clever. We had the pleasure of sitting in the front row and to see a man we both admire (and love) that close playing William Shakespeare was quite an experience.




Tree of Gondor, anyone?


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