Just because I’m not skinny doesn’t mean I can’t be an inspiration

Now, I’m not asking you to start reblogging me all over Tumblr but I just want to let everyone know that someone of average size (superhero size?) can be an inspiration.

I’ve written about thinspiration and fitspo in the past and about how it’s not always healthy to look at unattainably thin or muscular/fit women. However, I think it’s good to have something to work towards but we all need to realise that one girl’s body shape at 135 lbs might be very different to yours, or mine.

I’m not saying that my size and shape should be something you should aspire to because I’m still going through my journey but maybe my story and my drive can inspire you.

I used to weigh 17 stone (239lbs)

Oct 2010 (2)

I looked good at 17 stone. I still had style. The reason I wanted to lose weight , though, is because I couldn’t move like I wanted to. I started to get more active and realised that my joints hurt, that I couldn’t move like my friends and that I could only just fit into roller coaster seats…

I lost five stone (70lbs)

I exercised and ate better and the weight came off. It was a fairly up and down journey but I got there without too much stress. It took a good few years but I’d done it. I felt so much healthier and although I don’t feel like my weight loss is done, it’s definitely more about fat loss now.

The next challenge

The next challenge was to get strong. Despite hefting my weight around for years, I was still weak. I started lifting heavy and I soon started to see muscle definition. It’s only recently that those strength gains are starting to overtake those of normal people.

I can squat my body weight, I can deadlift my body weight and I can roller skate for hours on end.


I am strong. (I’m aware that’s only about 15kg I’m lifting over my head…)

Mind over matter

fit3I get anxiety over little things and I hate going into a new situation. As part of bettering myself I vowed that I was going to get over this. I took my time but eventually joined the local roller derby team. I’m not the best skater in the world (you wait, though) but it’s done so much for my confidence. This is a place my big, strong legs are envied. A place where people tell me how formidable I’m going to look on track when I get to that level.

Pushing myself to learn new skills, meet new people and do scary things like jumping on skates, is a big part of this journey.

Don’t overlook us average-size folk

FitI might not have abs to admire (plenty of bicep to go around) or be able to show off with handstand push ups but I do have a story. One that, I think, is pretty impressive. If how I look right now doesn’t inspire you (maybe it will), just think about how I went from a quiet, obese person to someone who works out six times a week and knows more about fitness and nutrition than most other people.

Tell me, who’s your inspiration?

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  1. Wowza, I have so much respect for you and what you’ve achieved! You really did look good at 17 stone but it’s pretty awesome that now you’re healthier and educated! My diet and exercise regime is pretty shocking. I definitely need to make a change!

  2. Wow, this is just what I needed! I’m desperately trying to lose weight in places, and I’ve never been fond of my ‘shapely’ legs, but you betcha I can become strong too! Thanks for posting this, it’s pretty shitty that anyone could think you aren’t inspirational! xx

  3. I respect people from their stories not even sizes. And I’m sure you’re an inspiration for people out there :) x

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