Soulmatefood review – Juice Cleanse: Day two

Juice Cleanse review

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I was so excited when I weighed myself on the morning of day two. I’d lost 1.5lbs!

Starting weight: 169.5lbs

Day two weight: 168lbs

Day two was a bit more of a struggle on the Juice Cleanse. I was working from home looking after a poorly cat. Trying to focus on what I was doing was really difficult. Again, I wasn’t really hungry but craving food like crazy. It got to the point where I was hovering over Ben’s dinner just breathing in the scent of chips and sausages (don’t judge me…).

I stayed on plan though and drank all my juices, lots of water and some green tea to keep hunger away. The detox is definitely working because I’m getting all those nasty side-effects of having toxins expelled from my body. I feel lethargic, tired, cold and achey. I understand that this is normal in the first two days of a detox. It’s only around the third day onwards that you get the energy everyone talks about.

As for my tongue, which was a bit sore and weird on day one, it’s now more sore and drinking the juices is actually making it sting. I’m not sure if this is normal or not. It’s bareable though and the fact that I’m losing weight is good.

Hopefully a little way down the line this will benefit my metabolism too.

All this drinking of juice, water and tea is making me go to the loo a lot (tmi?).

Watch this space for the installment of day three, my final day of the Juice Cleanse.

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