iPerfumer – Taking technology a little far?

A new app has hit the iTunes and Android stores as well as Facebook. It’s designed to recommend perfumes to you based on your tastes and other perfumes you like.

To me, this seems completely unecessary if you are going to be buying perfumes for yourself, surely a more fool proof way to see what you like would be to go into a shop and have a good sniff around. However, there’s so much choice out there that maybe whittling it all down to a few select brands would be a good idea.

Where this app would come in particularly useful would be when buying gifts for others – or, by posting recommendations on your Facebook wall, as a big fat hint as to what you want.

It is quite cool, if maybe a little unecessary – aren’t most Facebook apps? But I think it’s charm lies in being able to play around with the recommendations. Some of it might stick with you when you find yourself in Debenhams choosing perfumes next.

With it being on both iPhones and Android phones (thank you iPerfumer for thinking of us Android geeks) it might come in very handy when you are overwhelmed by choice in a shop and just need something to give you a nudge in the right direction.

If anyone needs a hint as to what perfume I want to Valentine’s Day – Marc Jacobs Lola.

What do you think of this? A little gimmicky, cool, useful?

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  1. I think it might be useful in a “oh right I might have to go and have a look/smell of that”, but I doubt anyone would purchase solely based on the recommendations without having a sniff first…would they?!!

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