I don’t know if I’ve been successful…

jet, dress, dolly dagger

(From Friday night’s stint around Norwich)

The weekend has been a bit of a weird one. I went out for dinner on Friday night to a lovely Japanese restaurant in Norwich called Shiki, service was a bit slow but otherwise it was very nice. We drank wine and ate sushi and noodles. We then ended in a dire club full of scantily clad over 50s. It was bad. But we made the most of it and had a good dance despite the skankiness.

Saturday I went shopping and spent a fortune, have now looked at my bank account and am thinking that it might’ve been a bit too much of a fortune. But I got a ton of new MAC makeup, some Urban Decay stuff, Chanel foundation, a boob tube, a dress, a nautical style blazer, some lip gloss and some mascara.

Saturday night I went out for dinner with Ben and various people. I ate a huge amount of bread-based Italian food then proceeded to drink vodka and relentless.

Sunday I drank beer, ate crisps, ate sweets, watched F1 and watched Supernatural.

Good times but I was scared this would seriously set me back after losing 2.2lbs last weeks. It hasn’t. Thank god. But it might catch up with me so I’m going to push myself to go for a run tonight despite feeling right now like I could curl up and sleep for eternity.

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