I can’t wait for the summer!

Summer is almost here. Right now the sun is shining and that makes me feel overwhelmingly happy. Summer for me means barbecues and lots of them. My parents throw the best outdoor parties and it is my dream to be able to do the same. They may as well have a huge outdoor kitchen rather than doing up their real kitchen. But they do have their utility room, which acts as another bathroom, a place for drinks and the area all the food gets prepared.

With the impending house buying, Ben and I are looking for somewhere that has enough garden space to throw massive summer barbecues. My dream is to have a band play in my garden while friends eat meat and drink beer. My ideal garden would have a huge outdoor cooking area with built in grills, decking, a bar and loads of squishy designer seating.

I want people to want to come to my house to party. I want to throw a huge party once a year that everyone talks about. The food and drink will be important. I doubt we’ll be able to find a house with everything we want but if it has a barbecue smoker then I’m having it. Obviously I know I can’t be too fussy but there must be a barbecue loving family wanting to move on and leaving their outdoor kitchen, bar and huge garden for me and Ben. One can hope.

Roll on the summer. We intend to hack down our back garden to give it some space. Clear the grubby decking and possibly introduce some prettier seating. Hopefully people will want to barbecue in our garden on our hand-me-down equipment.

If not then I’m going to mum’s for wine, food, bean bags and the outdoor speaker system!

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