How to wear UGG wedges

UGG boots tend to have quite a bad rap among the fashion community. Yes, they are ugly but a lot of us wear them because they are so damn comfy. We don’t need to be fashionable all the time. However, UGG don’t just make ugly boots, they also make some really amazing shoes.

I’ve fallen for these sandals, I love the simple design and I bet there are super comfy. There are plenty of other colours to choose from and they cost £127.99.

UGG Wedges


I love these really simple wedges and I can see them being paired with skinny jeans, a bright top in a warm colour with lots of dark accessories. This is the perfect outfit for an evening out. The sequin tops adds an element of glam but this outfit would work with a simple t-shirt too if you wanted to dress it down for daytime.

UGG Wedges2


I really can’t resist pretty dresses and leather jackets. These shoes would sit very nicely between that pretty summer time look and a bit of rock’n’roll. Pop on a pair of big sunglasses like these Tom Ford ones and you’re ready to go for a day in the sun. The leather jacket can be whipped off whenever you get too hot and then popped back on again if you get too chilly under the air conditioning.

You could also wear these as part of a nautical look. Incorporate these wedges and dark accessories with stripey garments in red, blue and white. Any other shoes with some rope detailing would look great with this look too.

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