How to wear a wool cape

Capes are a trendy winter item for all women. This style has been around for a long time and draping a cape over a regular outfit will not only keep you warm and comfortable, but gives a chic wintry edgy to your look. I’m fond of woollen capes because they just look effortless and a cape makes a fantastic choice for for all sorts of casual occasions. Not only that but you can get some seriously glam capes that wouldn’t look out of place in the queue for a swanky club (not that they’d make you queue).

The best thing about the garment is that it offers free movement of the arms and looks extremely fashionable – if it has been designed well, of course. In fact, it makes a nice change to a regular jacket. Capes are available in several varieties and fabrics, from wool to silk.

How to wear a cape


You can find both long and short capes and what you choose completely depends on your personal style and what you might be wearing with it. The short style is perfect to be worn over different kind of outfits, depending on how warm they are. The longer ones can be as long as the length of the thighs and are recommended to be worn over the outfits that are sleek and not bulky.

Capes are great whatever your body shape but different styles will be more flattering. The shorter styles are great to add length to your legs (hello skinny jeans!) while the longer versions cover a multitude of sins.

Capes with hoods are perfect for winter as you’ll be safe from chilly gusts of wind. Woolen capes are available in a huge variety of colours for offering you a more vibrant look and will surely help you to stand out from the crowd.

The Wool Company deals with the woollen capes that are made of soft lambswool. Crafted in Ireland, these are soft on your skin – not itchy like some woollen items. The capes are extremely comfortable and a great addition to any winter wardrobe. For more details about their wool range visit

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