How to walk in high heels

how to walk in high heelsI really, really love ridiculous shoes but I find them so difficult to walk in. However, recently I’ve found that I’m getting better at it. Here are a few tips for how to walk in high heels.

  • Make sure you wear the right size – As it turns out, I’ve been wearing the wrong size of shoes for a while. I’m actually a size 6 or 6.5…
  • Stand up straight – If you keep yourself tall then you’ll find it easier to balance
  • Scrunch your toes – If you find your shoes are slipping off your heels you should scrunch your toes. I can’t imagine this is great for your feet, though. So perhaps focus on getting shoes that fit.
  • Walk one foot in front of the other – Walk slowly with one foot in front of the other. You’ll find it easier to keep you balance and the movement will make your bum and legs look great.
  • Go for quality – My £200 Kat Maconie shoes are 4000 times easier to walk in than my £40 court shoes from Schuh.
  • Utilise accessories – Cushions for the soles of your feet, and heel grips are your friends. They’ll make walking in high heels more comfortable and therefore much easier.

Now you have a few pointers for how to walk in high heels, let’s look at some of the highest…


Trust French Connection to produce some really wonderful, over-the-top shoes. I love the ankle strap on these and the exposed zip up the back. The red ones are Keyté, they are quite a new brand to me but the shoes just have such beautiful silhouettes.


Another Keyté shoe. The polka dots are stunning, the shape mind-blowing. I need these.

More Kat Maconie love, right here. Ever since buying my Kat Maconie Mildred shoes, I’ve fallen in love with this brand. There are a number of shoes that I am openly fawning over. This pair especially, I love that gold detail.


These platform Ravel shoes are beautiful in nude, gold and purple. I think they’d be easier to walk in than some stupidly high shoes siply because they have that lovely platform. These beautiful blue Casadei slingbacks are certainly show-stopping.

Check out Schuh for some more ideas with regards to the highest of all high heels.

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