How to throw the most spectacular summer party

My 30th birthday is coming up at the end of this year and to celebrate, I’m joining forces with a two of my friends to throw an amazing summer party. We’re all hitting 30 this year so it makes sense to spread out the frivolities. Here are some tips for throwing an amazing summer party.

Get the guest list right

I’m a big proponent of not allowing toxic people into your life. Life is too short to deal with negative people. It’s because of this that the guest list is top of my list. Don’t spend time agonising about who to invite to your party, just invite the people who you genuinely want to spend time with. This might cause more grief than necessary, especially if you have family members you don’t really want to invite but consider what’s best for you and act accordingly. It is your party after all.

Choose the right space

Whether you hold the party in your back garden, the grounds of a hall or on the local park, you need to get the location right. Make sure it’s easy for people to get to and from and has accommodation nearby for those coming from further afield.

You also need to make sure it can hold the right amount of people. A space that’s too big is going to lack atmosphere when your guests arrive and somewhere too small is going to be cramped and uncomfortable.

Decorate your space

If you’re having a party in the UK, as I am, you have to accept the fact that even at the height of summer it could still rain. An outdoor party tent is the best way to protect your guests from any surprise downpours but it’s also a place to get out of the sun too.

You should also consider those little decorative extras that make an event special from selfie booths through to fresh flowers. If your party has a theme, think about little ways in which you can show this off. It might be as simple as a colour combination or a dress code.

Get the right entertainment

A band and a disco is always a good place to start but depending on your guest list, you might want something else too. Perhaps a street magician to wow kids and adults alike, or a race simulator to bring out your friends’ competitive sides, or even something as simple as a nail bar or face painting station.

Tell people about it

While Facebook events are the go-to way to tell someone about an event, there’s something much more special about receiving an invitation in the post. Think about how modern weddings are organised and take a leaf out of that book.

Plan ahead

For everything else, make sure you plan ahead so when it comes to the day of the party, you have a chance to relax and enjoy yourself. This goes for your outfit as much as anything, the last thing you want to be doing is rushing around at the last minute trying to find the perfect dress.

What’s the best summer party you’ve ever been to?

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