How to style your hangover

It’s party season and that means a lot of us will probably be rolling out of bed with a hangover. Unfortunately, just because you feel rough, it doesn’t mean the world stops. There’s still work to be done, friends to meet and shopping to do so get out of bed and style yourself for that hangover.

House of Fraser have released a series of videos all about how to style yourself. The most useful of these has to be the hangover video because it’s not easy for us to look our best when feeling a little worse for wear. Here are some tips.

So, we all need to treat ourselves to baggy cardigans, beautiful heels, a hat and some sunnies. I can handle that. Being comfortable is so important when you’re feeling fragile so look for comfortable, loose fitting clothes that will keep you warm. A bit of faux fur and some high heels will trick people into thinking you’re with it.

A hat hides last night’s hair and sunglasses, as always, are a girl’s best friend.

You can buy all the items from the video here.

I’ve got my eye on some Miu Miu sunglasses and those Steve Madden leopard print heels.

There is every chance that I will have a hangover tomorrow as tonight is the office Christmas party. I’v ealready told myself that I’m going to take it easy on the drinking front but that grand idea might have been quashed by the 45 bottles of beer that just arrived in the office (there’s eight of us here, right now…).

Wish me luck!

How do you style your hangover?

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  1. A hat and sunglasses are great for hiding whatever there is. Sadly they don’t work too well this time of the year.
    When the sun sets at about 3 pm, I´d feel incredibly foolish to run around wearing sunglasses.
    A bold lip is my weapon of choice, always hoping to distract from my tired eyes.

  2. That is the only problem with sunglasses at this time of year. Especially when I’m wearing a wooly hat and scarves, it can look at bit silly.

  3. Well, the best possible solution is not to try and look good at all……just put on some paint splashed overalls! Best possible excuse for looking like cr*p ever! You also get to just bunch your hair up very messily with this look – no one will judge, they think you’re decorating. Genius!

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