How to stay fit over Christmas (and a competition that’ll help)

Christmas looms over us like a little devil perched on our shoulder. It tells us that it’s okay to eat five slices of cake in one sitting, it’s okay to take a break from an exercise routine, and the phase ‘go on it’s Christmas’ is becoming a bit like that Christmas carol you’re already¬†bored of. It’s everywhere.

While I’m a big advocate of having occasions where you can relax and let go, you need to be sensible. By all means, treat Christmas Day as the time when you can eat all the chocolate and gorge on Christmas dinner until you feel you might pop. Feel free to reach for the mulled wine too. That’s where you need to stop, though. Once Christmas Day is over, jump back on the wagon. Here are some tips to help you stay fit over Christmas.

Give yourself one day

Give yourself Christmas Day to indulge then get back to your usual healthy lifestyle. At a push, allow yourself to relax on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day too. It doesn’t matter how much you eat over those three days, you have not broken your diet or healthy lifestyle. All you need to do is find your focus once those days are over. Don’t let the indulgences continue.

Don’t stop moving

IMG_1749If you are going to be consuming more calories than normal over the Christmas period then it’s a good idea to burn more than you normally would. Add an extra cardio session into your weekly workout plan or sign up for a pass at the local gym to keep you on track…

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Learn to say no

You don’t have to say yes to every chocolate that comes your way or every drink that’s passed to you. Learn to say no to people and you’ll be able to stay more in control of your food choices.

Keep your family in the loop

IMG_9226Let your family and friends know how you like to eat and you’ll probably get a lot less hassle when you turn down that second helping of pudding. Read this post from Nerd Fitness. It’ll tell you exactly how to handle your family at this time of the year. (Even if they’re really awkward.)

Remind yourself of your goals on a regular basis

If you feel yourself slipping, take your time to remember what you’re working towards. Visualise your long term goal and how you want to look but also think about what you need to do in order to achieve those short term goals too.

Celebrate triumphs and don’t berate yourself over failures

Resisted cake at work? Yay! Went for a long run on Boxing Day? Amazing! Turned down a third helping of roast potatoes? Yes!

Celebrate your triumphs, no matter how small.

If you do overeat or miss a workout, don’t berate yourself. We’re all human. Just get over it and move on.

What are your plans for staying fit this Christmas?

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