How to rock the floral trend this season

Florals have been popping up all over the catwalks since last year and now’s the time to break them out for summer. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wearing florals. You could go all out with a bright, tropical dress or keep it simple with a floral scarf. Here’s some inspiration.

UntitledThe classic look

Colourful florals combined with classic cuts make for a really smart and luxurious look. Luxury womenswear is the way forward with this, be it comfortable jersey fabrics in smart cuts or a show-stopping look in the finest of fabrics.

These kinds of garments are suitable for any occasion and can be worn with flats during the day and heels for any events you might be attending.

Go tropical

The tropical look is big for this season too. It takes the traditional floral look and puts a bright spin on it. You don’t need to reserve tropical prints for holidays, they can work even in cooler climes. Don’t you want to be the person brightening up a room?


While floral prints are big, look for textures that will add extra interest to your outfit. These could be embroidered sections, tulle flowers, a mix of fabrics and lots of pleats and ruffles. Wear textures sparingly for a show-stopping look.


Feminine florals tend to come in sheer, floaty materials. Wear with your hair in a messy side bun and either a kitten heel or a chunky wedge depending on your aesthetic.

Mixed prints

Try mixing large floral prints with smaller flower designs. This can create a really striking look that’s straight off the catwalk.


You can always wear a floral accessory with anything from your wardrobe to bring it bang up-to-date too. Floral amateurs can also opt for bright, printed bags to bring some colour to an otherwise neutral outfit. A statement piece such as a bag is a great way to jazz up any ensemble.

The floral trend continues on from previous years with printed trousers, mini-dresses, skirts, and everything else designers can think of. Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance of summer.

Be prepared to embrace your feminine side with everything from dresses to sunglasses. This season’s florals come in a wide range of soft pastel colours and vibrant hues, all of which stick beautifully to this garden theme.

Soft floral prints offer a touch of femininity to warm weather style so you can bring out your womanly charm with every outfit and accessory you wear.


If you’re anything like me, you might want to give your florals a bit of a rock and roll edge. I tend to wear flowery dresses with leather jackets and Dr Martens. This is how I incorporate a trend without sacrificing my personal style. That being said, I’m quite partial to a more traditionally feminine look and am all over this season’s sheer, floaty fabrics.

How do you wear your florals?

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