How to prepare for a 10k race

A little while ago I ran a 10k race with the Race For Life. While my preparation started off well with a great training regime through Nike Plus, that soon tapered off and I was not ready for race day. Learn from my mistakes and follow these tips on how to prepare for a 10k race.


This might seem obvious but in order to build up the strength and stamina needed for a 10k, you’ll need to train. No matter what level you are at, you should do some training. Look at the various training plans out there but find something that includes runs that work on your pace and speed as well as endurance.

Complete at least one full distance

This is important to get an idea of how your body copes as well as to see where you mentally hit that wall. This could come as a shock and you don’t want to hit it on race day and not be able to just run through it.


If you’re doing something like the Race for Life, it’s meant to be a bit of fun where you can raise some money for charity. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just relax and have fun!

Get a good night’s rest

The night before your race, sleep well. Get an early night and certainly don’t go out drinking!

Fuel yourself

Eating the right food in the run up to a race can really improve your performance. Focus on clean eating with lots of protein in the week or two before your race. The night before you can carb load (yay, pasta!) to give you energy for the next morning. Your breakfast should be well-balanced and enough to get you through the race. Give your food time to go down before you run, though, as you could end up with a stitch. For a 10k race, you don’t generally need energy bars or gel on the way round but feel free to give them a go if you feel it’ll help.

Now you know how to prepare, find your nearest Race for Life and get ready!

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