How to organise your closet (and win £20 to spend on Vinted!)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got clothes bursting out of your drawers and more shoes than you know what to do with. That’s before we even begin to think about accessories, bags and makeup. I’ve recently been using the Vinted app to sell some of my unwanted items and they asked me if I wanted to write a post all about #MyVintedCloset. Staying organised is something I excel at when it comes to work but struggle with in my day-to-day life.

I set myself the challenge of organising my closet, shoes, chest of drawers and other little areas where I store my clothes. Here’s what I learnt.

It might be time to let go

Getting rid of clothes can be difficult, especially if you have some sort of emotional attachment to an item. This is most definitely the case for me as someone who has lost weight. There are still items that I love because they were gifts or amazing bargains but they just don’t fit. It’s often a struggle to let go of these items but doing so frees up room for new clothes and shoes that you can treasure and wear.

Look for clever storage options

Hunt down some interesting storage options. IKEA is a good place to start or you could take a look on eBay for some really affordable stuff. I’m currently looking for somewhere to store my nail polish and I came across a great wall hanging perspex holder that’s usually used in salons.

You can also get similar holders for lipsticks too. These are great for showing off your cosmetics while having them close to hand whenever you want to use them.

Be creative

organise your closetI’ve been creative with both my shoes and my necklaces. I had a whole wall of a free space in my spare room and I’d seen some square IKEA shelves that would be perfect to display my shoes in. However, I wanted something a bit more special so I enlisted the help of my carpenter father-in-law to help me. I’m so proud of how my shoe room turned out. Not only is it practical but it’s beautiful and I love showing it to people.
photoA newer addition to the room is my necklace collection. I’ve had this idea to hand my necklaces along the wall for a while now but it took me ages to actually getting around to do it. Gone are the days that my necklaces are cluttered across my desk, chest of drawers and landing bookcase. They now all have their own place and they look good too!

Don’t clutter

Even if you do find some fantastic storage options, try not to make them look cluttered simply to get your stuff out of the way. A minimalist look can sometimes be the best way to stay organised. See my first point on letting go.

Make space

Sometimes it might be worth making space somewhere else in your home to accommodate your collection of shoes, bags, clothes and more. It might mean moving your bedroom around or it might be adding new shelving into your closet. You don’t just have to work with the few spaces you have in your home, rooms can be rearranged!

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