How to make fitness fun – with photos

geocaching in norfolk
Ben, back when he could stand unaided…

It’s no secret that most people hate working out and are always looking for ways to make fitness fun. Since 2009 I have been struggling with a love/hate relationship with running and the gym. I love weight lifting but there’s rarely any cardio benefit there.

On thing I do love though is walking. I love getting out into the countryside, seeing beautiful vistas and getting a bit closer to wildlife – not too close though, eew bugs.

A few years ago I discovered Geocaching. It’s essentially one big treasure hunt around the world. You go off for a walk, not always in the countryside, and use your GPS to find geocaches hidden all over the place. They range in size from teeny, tiny nano caches ┬áto larger containers. The biggest we’ve found was an ammo box.

Some of the geocaches are simple to find and you’ll be given a clue as easy to solve as ‘under a log’. However, there are much, much more difficult ones out there. We’ve researched, climbed, solved clues and acted a bit Indiana Jones.

Now, I haven’t been Geocaching in a while, simply because of Ben’s broken leg. No harm done, really, as it’s too bloody cold for being outside at the moment. However, I’ am itching to get back out there once Ben is better.

Walking might not seem like great cardio exercise but it really is and you will certainly notice it after a day of walking 10 miles, crawling through brambles, stomping on stinging nettles and climbing trees.












One of the true charms of Geocaching is that you get to explore places you might not otherwise been able to discover. All of the above pictures were taken in Norfolk in various weather conditions. I would 4000% recommend you give this little hobby a go. I would be willing to bet good money that you walk past a geocache on a regular basis.

In preparation for the slew of geocaching days that are going to come when Ben gets his final cast off next week, I’ve been looking at walking boots. I have some amazing walking trainers but my current boots aren’t all that comfortable.

I have my eye on some Merrell Calia walking shoes from Blacks to add to my shoe collection. Because we do go on walks with some difficult terrain (this is Norfolk, though, so I’m not talking mountains) I need shoes that are going to give me adequate support, keep me warm and keep the water and mud away from my socks.

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