How to dress smart but maintain your style

I’m really good at dressing up for events and cocktail parties but when it comes to being smart, I think I’m lacking something.

I’ve only realised this recently because I’ve been doing exhibitions to promote my book. My outfit consists of a shirt with my motorsport brand logo on it but past that, I get stuck.

I want to look edgy but smart and yet I end up looking like I’m far too young to be doing what I’m doing or I’m that’s weird brand of over-the-top edgy.

Dresses for women come in all shapes and sizes, and these would normally be my go-to when thinking about something smart to wear.

But recently I’ve been looking for skirts to go with my Racing Mentor shirt and have struggled.

So, I’ve been on grand quest to discover how to maintain your style while dressing smartly. That means scouring clothing stores, trying on everything in my wardrobe and reading about the various different elements of style.

Here are some tips.

Understand your style

Your style is something that has evolved over time. You don’t need to give yourself labels to understand it but you should have a sense of what it is. Girly? Androgynous? Punk? Sporty? High fashion? Hipster with a country vibe?

Never feel like you have to follow all the rules

Don’t mix gold with silver. Always wear a dress below the knees. Bras shouldn’t be seen. Don’t shop in the men’s section.

We are bombarded with stupid fashion rules on a regular basis. If you’re a rule breaker, don’t feel you have to start following the rules just to look smart.

Try something new

That a-line skirt might not be part of you day-to-day wardrobe but it might fit nicely into a work or event outfit.

Spend a day trying on a wide range of different styles. You might find something that you never would’ve thought of before. I’ve had plenty of shopping trips like this with friends. Not only are they fun but it’s a good way to evolve your style.

Think about how an outfit makes you feel

Your personal style is so much more than how other people see you on the outside. It’s about the kind of person it allows you to be.

Don’t sacrifice your inner badass bosslady just to dress a little smarter. Look for outfits that empower you and make you feel successful.

There’s no point in dressing smartly to impress clients or a prospective employer if you don’t feel like you could rule the world.

Tell me, how do you dress smartly without sacrificing your style?

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