How to design a fashionable home

Many people assume that fashion is only relevant when it comes to clothes and accessories. While these are important parts of a trendy person’s repertoire, it is also the case that you can incorporate fashion into your home. Whether you choose stylish window coverings or fancy furniture that gives your home a real touch of class, there are so many ways that you can customise your dwelling in a way that exudes elegance. In this spirit, here are some of the best methods to ensure that your home is as fashionable as possible.


Windows may seem like just essential parts of the home to some people, but they are also excellent opportunities to show off your fashion sense. You can easily dress windows up with elegant additions. Those who are looking to make a bold fashion statement in their window design, for example, sometimes opt for striking black frames that really stand out. Plantation shutters, meanwhile, offer an alternative to boring curtains and heavy blinds when it comes to choosing how to manage your light sources. Sleek, light window shades can achieve the same effect.


For many years, the way to ensure a fashionable interior design was to opt for a feature wall, where one decorates three walls in a room in one colour or texture and the fourth wall in a unique way that provides maximum contrast. This is still an excellent choice for many people who want to give their walls a touch of class, but there are also other options available. Why not, for example, consider some of the latest paint trends? In 2018, these include everything from ultra-violet hues to tougher, more arresting colours such as blacks and vivid reds.


When it comes to furniture, you have a whole host of opportunities to integrate fashion into the way that you decorate your rooms. The three-legged tripod shape is very fashionable now, and it is a look that many people choose for lamps, coffee tables and other pieces. Soft furnishings also provide opportunities to integrate innovative style into your home. Some of the most fashionable accessories for living rooms include objects with deep brown or green hues such as earthenware vases, while you can also use timeless interior design classics such as fluffy rugs and wicker chairs in your home for a fashionable effect.

There is no reason to limit your enjoyment of fashion to the clothes that you buy or the accessories that you use when you are out and about. You can integrate fashion and elegance into a home by installing furniture that reflects the best of the modern design scene or ensuring that you adorn your windows with fashionable coverings. Remember, there are fashionable design choices appropriate for every home, whether you live in a flat or house in the city or the country. Use the helpful tips above when taking a chance on crafting the perfect chic interior design for the stylish home of your dreams.

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