How to decorate an exhibit booth at a fashion trade show

Exhibitions still remain one of the primary marketing methods to showcase your products/ services to potential customers and network with others in the business. When you book a space at an exhibition, you either get an open space or shell scheme package.

Whatever you go for, your overall goal is to attract the right attendees and secure long-term relationships with prospective customers. Such events are often filled with hundreds of other companies, all seeking the attention of the same attendees. In such a competitive business environment, the key to getting noticed is making sure your exhibit booth stands out. The best way to achieve this is to give your booth a superior decorative edge. Here are a few tips to get you started:


The first thing to consider when decorating an exhibit booth is its size. Sizes can vary depending on the exhibition space; just make sure it allows potential customers to see your booth from a distance. In other words, the larger the size, the more visible your booth will be. Generally, booths sit on an aisle separated from each other by curtains. Those located at the corners are more visible since the displays can be viewed from two sides instead of one. As you can see, your booth can be made noticeable through size alone.

Booth Decoration

Once you find the perfect spot for your booth, it’s time to make it look attractive. Exhibitors often receive the event’s catalogue in advance. This gives you an idea of the available options for style, colour, lighting options, fabric, furniture, carpeting, and so on. Some exhibition planners contract decorating companies to offer professional advice on how you can design your booth to attract more customers. Alternatively, you can hire in-house experts to help come up with a customised booth based on the information provided and one that ties to the company’s message.

Colours and logos

The colours on your booth should be the same ones available in your company’s logo, in the same exact shade. Also, both company and booth slogans and messaging need to be in the same font, size, style, and colours for easy brand recognition. In addition, you might want to limit the number of bright colours on your booth. The goal is to get a simple message across in the minimal time possible. Using many colours can make the booth seem busy and even confuse the main message. Consider using an absolute maximum of three colours.


It’s also important to use images that hit hard at a single glance. If you’re using traditional printed graphics, consider upgrading by including QR codes. When a visitor scans a QR code, it opens a URL in their phone’s web browser to a page like your website, a YouTube video, or an online product description. Ensure the experience they receive after scanning the code leaves a lasting impression. Alternatively, you can use digital graphics. They do a great job of attracting people by simply showing changing images of your company logo, products, and much more. Although such on-screen action and variety offers very powerful tools, try not to overwhelm your visitors.


The general layout of an exhibit booth should be versatile, yet simple enough to communicate a range of information in one glance. Companies can utilise various accessories to enhance display, including literature racks, tabletop displays, pop-up displays, and banner displays. Tabletop displays and banners that are hanging are ideal for booths with the standard size, while free-standing graphics are for attracting attention. For a little more money, you can also exercise your creativity with three-sided displays. But if you have more space in your booth, you can accommodate an island exhibit, which allows customers to get into the booth and view graphics from all around. You can further enhance the display by using furniture. For instance, putting chairs and tables in larger booths provide comfortable space to discuss business.

Visual and Audio Aids

Adding visual and audio equipment can help lure customers to your booth and keep them there longer. Regardless of the size, you need to make room for these pieces of equipment. You can create a video of the company’s products/services or better yet, come up with something more captivating and unique. Be sure to use eye-level screens for easier viewing. If space allows, include live presentations and demonstrations, entertainment, and consider displaying actual products for people to try them on.

Don’t Forget Lighting

Decorating an exhibit booth isn’t complete without good lighting. Lighting makes the booth more welcoming, draws attention to unique areas, and can be used to create the desired ambience. For instance, spotlights make logos and messages to stand out, while LED lights can provide consistent backlighting and not interfere with the overall presentation. Companies can also use coloured lighting to set a particular tone that’s different from other exhibitors.

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