How to choose the right Italian fragrance

It is often very difficult to choose a gift fragrance, the most frequent question is: what will be the right one? Here are some useful tips to choose the most suitable perfume for a loved one.

Choose an all-Italian brand

If you want to choose a perfume made in Italy, the obvious choice is Francesca Oro’s products. Its fragrances are the result of in-depth research into the raw materials that are combined according to the principle of opposites that complement each other, giving rise to unique and inimitable fragrances.

How to choose the right fragrance for her

What is certain is that perfume is one of the most personal things in the world, it is an intimate secret that not even the wearer knows totally but can perceive its glorious harmony. Nevertheless giving a scent is a wonderful idea, perhaps you’ll steal some of the soul secrets of your loved one along the way.

If you find yourself choosing a perfume for a woman, things get complicated. Women are diverse, full of emotional veins but at the same time strong like a hurricane. So all that remains is to ask:

What a relationship does she have with the world of fragrances?

You may find yourself in front of a woman who does not like exces. In this case, it is better to rely on a soft fragrance, perhaps floral as a delicate hug. If instead the perfume is for a passionate woman, the choice becomes wider. Firstly you need to know her favorite fragrance (fruity, flowery, musky or woody) and choose a fragrance from the same family.

What kind of woman is she?

You have to keep in mind small details such as her habits and her personality. A woman who loves worldly situations may prefer exotic perfumes, while the one who often has business meetings may not find them suitable.

What size perfume to give?

Clearly the single case will have to be evaluated. For women who are passionate about a specific fragrance and that you know well, certainly you can choose a larger version of the perfume, while for someone you don’t know as well, a smaller version may be more suitable. In any case, a suggestion is to follow: always try the scent on the moiette or touche and never on your skin.

How to choose the right fragrance for him

You can ask similar questions when choosing a scent for a man.

Why does he wear aftershave?

Your search for the best fragrance can start from the answer. It could be that the perfume is worn on rare occasions or as a post-shave ritual. In these cases it will be better to choose a light fragrance but, if the man in question wears fragrances for vanity, then you can choose some more complex and persistent scents.

What kind of man is he?

If he is whimsical, artistic and independent, it will be better to choose a unique fragrance like Rubia Sucrée, Irupé, Ice Yasmill or Rosementhe.

What are his habits?

Is he a sporty man? In this case, he may prefer citrus and fresh aromas. Is he a successful man? In this case, something more decisive is better, like him.

How do you choose fragrances for the people you love?

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