How to be stylish when you work from home

I’ve been working from home for about seven years. You’d think by now I’d have all the answers and I’d be a pro at getting out of my pyjamas before noon. Well, not quite.

If I had the choice, I’d live every day in my PJs but with video calls, filming and meetings, that’s not always possible.

I am at my most productive when dressed up. I feel like a business woman. But that’s not always possible so here are some tips on how to be stylish when you work from home.

Make the effort with your casual clothes

Just making the effort to get dressed is often enough to give you a boost in productivity. Even if you just want to swap bedtime clothes for comfy daytime clothes, go for it.

Once you’ve mastered that, consider expanding your wardrobe to include dressier casual items. I love super-stretchy jeggings paired with a smart jumper. Comfortable but completely acceptable when opening the door for a delivery.

Separate your workspace

No matter the size of your home, you should separate your workspace from where you relax. This means no working from bed or on the sofa. The reason being is that your brain starts to muddle up where you work and relax, making it much harder to do either.

Find a space you can restrict to working hours only. It might be with your laptop at the kitchen table, in a designated home office or in the corner of another room.

Enjoy your workspace

Having the right workspace can make a huge difference to how you feel at work. I’ve got the space to have a dedicated office in my home but I’ve still had to make it an enjoyable place to be. An ergonomic set up is really important and it has to be functional but I had to bring a little style in too.

I have a custom-made desk to fit the space but often look around for other desks or furniture I could include in future home offices.

I can often be found looking at desks and gorgeous office furniture. I have dreams of having huge office full of models of race cars and a large desk in the middle of the room.

Love this office design from Onekindesign.

Include little touches

It’s the little touches, even in a small office space that can make it so much more stylish. Look for pictures, posters, books and trinkets. I love looking at Lionshome to find inspiration.

Dress up when you can

Some days, especially if you have a lot going on, it can be good to go full business and dress up. It’s amazing what a boost this can give to your mood and productivity.

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