How to be a money savvy fashionista

vintageYou don’t need an unlimited budget to wear designer fashion. Plan carefully and shop smart to look fabulous on any budget.

Savvy fashionistas make a career out of hunting for deals so they can look fabulous and keep their money close to home. Here are some tips for buying designer wear on a budget.

Shop at Discount Malls and Stores

Discount stores are the place to go to get designer brands for a lot less than retail. Look for well-made designer clothes that are constructed from quality fabric. In case you missed it, a designer label doesn’t always signify a quality product. Check the garment construction and type of fabric used to get the best for your money.

Use Coupons While Shopping Online

Of course, you can use coupons at local stores too. But online shopping lends to some great deals that you won’t find at brick and mortar locations. Coupon sites like offer coupon codes that you can use to save money on already discounted items. From clothing to shoes and handbags, you’re sure to find coupons you can use to shop at your favorite retailers.

Search the web for additional coupons and make sure to check for free shipping offers on the merchant’s website.

Apart from the savings, there are other benefits of shopping online. One of them is the right to return clothing you don’t want. Your momentary lapse in judgment could cost you if you purchased clothing at a local store. But under the Distance Selling Regulations act, you can return clothes you don’t want and get your money back.

Shop at Charity Shops or Thrift Stores

Savvy fashionistas know that thrift stores are a goldmine for finding designer wear at unbeatable prices. On top of the already low prices, thrift stores host clearance sales or half-off days where you can score additional savings on ridiculously low prices. While most of the designer clothing may be from the previous season, it’s not uncommon to find clothing and accessories from the current season.

If you’re a discriminating buyer, you can shop at consignment stores for fantastic clothing finds. The high end clothing will cost more than thrift store shopping, but you’ll have the comfort of knowing where the clothing came from.

Shop End of Season Sales

If you’re not too thrilled at the thought of shopping at thrift or consignment stores, you can wait for the end of season sales at your favorite retailer. Most retailers offer deep discounts on leftover designer clothing and accessories in order to make room for the next season’s line of clothing. The reduced prices are worth the wait – if you don’t mind wearing those clothes the next year.

Visit eBay’s Outlet Stores

Many well-known brands sell through their outlet stores on eBay- a fashionista’s best kept secret. There you’ll find brands like Ugg, Ted Baker, and House of Fraser in Buy It Now or bidding style auctions.

Shopping on a budget comes down to smart shopping. We live in an uncertain economy, so this is the perfect time to find exceptional discounts on quality clothing.

Author bio: Leonardo Dawson is a personal stylist. He frequently shares his best tips for finding great clothes on a budget on fashion blogs.

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