How to afford designer clothing

Back when I first started this blog, I wasn’t earning the kind of wage that afforded me brand new items of designerwear. That being said, it didn’t really stop me from dabbling with the odd piece I found on sale.

This really made me appreciate the quality of designer garments over the disposable fashion of the high street. Now that I’m more eco-conscious, I’m very aware of the amount of clothing I have and am careful to dispose of it in the best way possible. I give a lot of old clothes to charity shops and clothing banks but the designer items remain staples in my wardrobe.

Whether you’re looking for quality, want a certain label in your wardrobe or want to wear a particular style, designer clothes can be accessible to everyone. Here are some tips for affording that designer piece you’ve got your eye on.

Save up

Good, old-fashioned saving. Look at how much you earn, cut back on coffees, go out for dinner less. Whether you’re saving hundreds a month, or just a tenner, you’ll eventually get there.

Get a side hustle


Whether you’re selling your jewellery creations on Etsy, renting out your car on BookAclassic, or using your marketing skills to help local businesses, any extra money you bring in can go straight into your designer fund.

Borrow the money

If you’re desperate for that new designer bag, there are plenty of ways to borrow money but consider things VERY carefully before you do. If you wonder what kind of people borrow money in this way, take a look at the City Consumer credit index, which breaks down to stats by city but also looks at how much people earn, why they borrow and much more.

Browse the sales

Look at websites such as Love the Sales, as you’ll be able to find sales from your favourite brands. TK Maxx is also a good bet but you can’t always predict what you’re going to find. My gorgeous Dolce and Gabbana carpet jacket came from TK Maxx, £200 down from £1200, I’ve never found another bargain quite like that.

Look at discount sites

Brand Alley and the Outnet are still my go-to favourites for discounted designer clothes, shoes and accessories. My style isn’t dictated by the seasons so it doesn’t matter to me that I’m buying last year’s most coveted item. Even now that I’m earning a decent wage as a freelancer, I’m still thrifty.

Splurge when you can afford to

I think the best purchases are those made in the moment with no buyers’ remorse. I bought a £300 pair of Gucci shoes on a whim because I fell in love. They are easily my most worn shoe and certainly one of the most comfortable too.

Lastly, I just want to say, be sensible with your money. I made the mistake many years ago when I got my first well paying job to spend money willy-nilly and it made life difficult. I then went into a less well-paid job and couldn’t kick the habit. Now, I appreciate designer clothing a lot more and spend a lot less money on the high street.

How do you afford designer clothing?

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