How 3D tech could change the fashion world

I’m not a fan of 3D movies, simply because I don’t think the tech is quite there yet. As a glasses wearer, I find 3D movies uncomfortable to watch. However, 3D tech is very, very interesting and I think it’s going to add a whole new dimension (see what I did there…) to fashion.

We’re all used to viewing items of clothing on the internet or on television so it doesn’t really matter to us that they are without any depth. I genuinely think the fashion world will begin to improve with 3D technology.

How 3D works

(Image courtesy of Tai Shimizu)

Essentially when you watch 3D movie you are watching two images that get blended together by the glasses you are wearing. Mashable explains it a bit better than I do.

And when you take a 3D image, you’re taking two pictures from different angles, as shown in the diagram. Now that you can get a 3d camera anywhere, this opens up a whole new world of blogging. Of course, there’s no point in taking 3D images if you don’t have something to view them on. A 3d TV would be perfect. 3d computer monitors are also fairly cheap, a quick Google turned up a 23″ 3D ready monitor for £159.99.

Imagine being able to view Lookbook in 3d, or to get a new perspective on the material of that Balmain dress you love. 3D is great and the technology is moving quickly. Perhaps the biggest advancement, in my eyes, in the no-glasses 3D telly. The biggest issue is that if you want to have a huge group of friends round to watch TV, you’re all going to need glasses. Not always practical. No-glasses 3D is the way forward, if they can get that in cinema then it might change my mind about the direction of the movie industry!

(Really, The Phantom Menace in 3D? Why?)

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