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I went through a stage of obsessing over my house and wanting every perfect thing in there. That soon changed once we got a house and realised that myself and my other half have completely different tastes. As he’s holed up in bed for a while, I might completely redecorate downstairs with shabby chic goodness…

I’ve been having a look at the wonderful ACHICA and have created a bit of a wishlist.


This bookcase doubles as a desk. I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing area. It’s currently the sofa so to have a bookcase/desk that has space for stationary and writing supplies seems like a wonderful idea. This would work with exactly nothing in our house (except maybe a pine bookshelf in our kitchen).


Two new obsessions, candles and mulled cider. The cider love comes from the Fat Cat Brewery Tap, our local in Norwich. Over Christmas they made the most amazing mulled cider. I tried making my own on Christmas Day, it went well but it wasn’t the same.

A few years ago I go a Frankisense and Myrrh candle but it’s only recently that we’ve been burning it. The scent is lovely and much more preferable to those toxic air freseheners (an Air Wick plug in made our cat really, really ill).


This dresser is so wonderfully over the top. I love the wings. We have a lot of stuff in our house so storage is important, we are fast running out of space for books!

ACHICA is a great site, I’m writing this in bed under a microfibre duvet I bought from the site a while back. A perfect shopping destination for new homeowners as the discounts are massive. It works in the same way as the big fashion sites Brand Alley and Secret Sales, essentially cutting out the middle man.


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  1. That bookcase is beautiful! You should definitely give downstairs a shabby chic makeover, it can be a welcome back to health gift for Ben. xx

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