Hiking, running and Doctor Who

It seems that my want for a nice long walk over the Easter holidays was a bit ambitious. On Friday Ben and I walked 10 miles around the North Norfolk coast. At around the four mile mark we decided to stop for lunch and a pint in a pub in Sheringham. Well, that was a mistake. The rest of the walk was a struggle. I had completely inappropriate shoes on, Dr. Martens. Very not pracitcal for traversing such uneven ground.

The walk finished with a climb up a hill that was all mud. For the first part of the walk I did take pictures so expect them very soon.

The very next day I traipsed round Norwich with family doing some shopping despite pulling a muscle in my knee during the walk. I did however, manage to buy myself some running shoes. £25 Aasics shoes in purple. I’m not running professionally, I don’t need £100 worth of shoes.

Well, I went running yesterday after work. When I ran in my old shoes – Babycham, very impractical – I got pain in my joints, namely my knees and hips. Now when I run all the pain is transferred to my calf muscles. Although, wow it hurts, this must be good. It means I’m strengthening my calf muscle rather than damaging my joints.

I also did a new record for my short route. 1.24 miles in 20 minutes. Roughly 16:50 per mile. My last run I did 17:50 per mile. That’s a good feeling. Next run get it down to 16:30. Small steps or I might kill myself.

And that brings me to Doctor Who. Slightly unrelated. But I wanted to have a bit of a fangirl about it. (*squee* Okay, done.) And to also tell you that I have a fabulous guest post on the way comparing the relative fashion of the two newer Doctors.

Wasn’t Matt Smith brilliant, by the way.

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