Guest post: Hello, I’m a racing driver


Today we have a post from Josh all about racing, fitness and the Silverstone Half Marathon.


Hello, I’m a racing driver, competing this year in go-karts with top speeds of about 120mph. After a few years out for my university course, I am returning to the sport after some success in 2011 with my new team, Ramotak Racing. I was race-fit before I left for university but three years of pizza, computer games, and not doing any exercise pretty much ruined any residual fitness I had from my previous racing days.
In mid-2011 I started gaining weight, so I decided to start running in an effort to stop this, which was fortuitous as I was called up to do my first race for Ramotak unexpectedly at the end of 2011. It’s been a long and often frustrating journey, but I feel now I am ‘fit’ again. I also managed to go from around 13 stone 5lbs to 11 stone 7lbs, which is an achievement I am rather proud of.


However, as I’m preparing to race nationally again this year, this still isn’t good enough — so I’m working at my fitness even harder in the run up to this season to lose more weight and be better prepared physically for the kart. Which I am convinced wants to separate my neck from my body.


In order to motivate me over the cold winter months, I decided in the middle of last year that I would take part in the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon. I notice with some amusement that the promotional picture on their website features a 2003 Minardi (Justin Wilson?), which is somewhat dated now…



This is at the start of March and the plan has certainly worked – I’ve been out in all weathers (including deep snow at the UEA lake and Earlham Park earlier this week), with the focused goal of improving my pace and distance endurance.
My friend James suggested it would be a good idea to raise some money while doing this event. Although at first I was skeptical (naively assuming that it’d be reasonably easy to train for and not that big a commitment), I am starting to understand the work that is undertaken to train for events such as these now.


49 Joshua Rayman-5673

Credit: TLP Photography

So I entered the race, and contacted the British Tinnitus Association, a cause fairly close to home for me as someone who developed tinnitus through playing live music and racing for years without hearing protection. We are working on a campaign to raise awareness of the issues at the race circuits I travel to this year, and I am raising money for them through the half marathon.


I’m looking forward to running around Silverstone, and not being tackled by marshals whilst doing it. Check me out on twitter (@iamrayman) and on my blog, where I talk more about the banalities of day-to-day training (in real time on twitter and in one easy to read weekly digest on the blog).


And please donate, if you can. Tinnitus is horrible and I’d hate to have it worse than I already do, so I feel this is the least I can do. Wear hearing protection.
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