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IMG_5708Around this time last year I was suffering with serious toothache. I couldn’t do much other than sleep, it hurt so much. Eventually I went to the dentist to get the tooth checked out and was given anti-biotics. As it was my wisdom tooth I was so scared they were going to take it out.

I brushed my teeth regularly but that’s where my dental hygiene ended. I always forgot to floss and use mouthwash, even when we had the stuff in the house. Now I realise that this is not smart, nor is it clever.

Brush, floss, mouthwash

A lot of people think brushing is enough (I’m pretty sure some people don’t even brush) but it’s really, really not. The causes of toothache are numerous but in a lot of cases they can be easily remedied and, most importantly, prevented!

I suppose this is a friendly fashion blogger warning to those of you who love your teeth. Listen to your dentist, floss regularly and use a mouthwash like Corsodyl that prevents gum disease.

Home remedies

If toothache is getting you down and you can’t get to a dentist, there are a few home remedies you can try to begin with. Food such as garlic and onion both have antiseptic properties and can help with the pain. You can either chew them or make a paste with a little water.

Another good one is salt water. In the same way that you’d use it for piercings (I’ve used it for all my lip piercings and my tongue and have never had excessive swelling, pain or infection…), you should swill the salt water (as in water mixed with salt – not water from the sea) around your mouth. It’ll help to kill bacteria that might be causing toothache and will flush out anything nasty that might be contributing to the swelling.

Take a look at for more natural remedies to common problems.

Of course, always consult a professional and if any problems persist, definitely go to the dentist!

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