Happy Halloween! (Bonus contact lenses review)


Morning, kids. It’s one of my favourite times of the year. Perhaps because it’s so close to my birthday. Perhaps it’s because I get to dress up. Perhaps it’s because all the spooky things come out to play. Regardless, I love Halloween. I received some Phantasee contact lenses from Vision Direct so thought they’d be perfect for a Halloween cat look. Here’s how I got on.


Here’s the blank (in more ways than one) face, ready for makeup. All I’ve got on is some mineral foundation and a bit of translucent powder. Please ignore the state of my eyebrows.


I got my stripes. I used Lime Crime in red and a black from a large unbranded palette I have (it came from China via eBay). I’ve also used some grey MAC eyeshadow for contoring but it’s sort of been covered up by the rest.


Here are the lenses. I have very, small eyes (like a shrew) and I struggle to get them in. I have a bit of an eye phobia so touching my eye and putting one of these in just felt weird. It took me about an hour and a half to get both in. You’ll notice from the above pictures that I hadn’t really done my eye makeup, good thing too.

Tip: I struggled to get the lens to stick to my eye and not my finger. Apparently, it will stick to the wettest thing so it would just keep folding around my finger. I had to dry my finger then put a drop of the multi-purpose solution into the lens.




A slight issue with them is that they would keep turning sideways. Less cat, more goat…


Leather dress: H&M | Tights: Primark | Boots: Boohoo.com






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  1. I agree with you, they did keep turning a lot while in. Thankfully I’ve got a fascination with touching my eye so moving them back wasn’t too bad. Getting them off my finger in the first place was a bit of a nightmare though.

    Really love your pictures, your makeup is great and the first really closeup shot is so adorable!

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