Half a year of fitness

I’ve just been looking back through photos from these last six months and marvelling at how much my body has changed. I’ve lost just over two stone and I feel better than I ever have done.  I can run, move and dress better than I could six months ago. I appreciate the hard work that losing weight takes and I now enjoy it! It’s still a bit of struggle to go out and run when it’s cold but once I’m out there it’s great!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has commented on my blog, spurred me on through Twitter!

Moving forward into 2012 I’ve got new goals:

  • Be in the 10 stone range by July when I see The Darkness in Thetford
  • Run 5k in under 40 minutes
  • Run 5k in under 35 minutes
  • Wear size 14 jeans
  • Wear size 12 jeans

Bring it on!

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