Hair dye…

AGES ago I decided to buy myself some hair dye, a gorgeous purple colour as I was bored

of going back to black. Well, I went back to black and the dye got forgotten about. Does dye go off? This stuff is about six months to a year old…

Today I’ve put some on my fading hair. It is supposed to lighten and colour all at the same time. It’s not all over just in randomly picked spaces on my head. It’s going to look silly, at least it would on anyone else. I’m known for having somewhat crazy coloured hair. I was called bagpuss in highschool because my hair was pink and white blonde.

It says to leave this stuff on for 30 mins. It’s been 25 and Tesco are coming in ten mins. I seriously will not hear them if I am washing dye out at the time they happen to knock.

I’m going to leave it on until I decide I can see some sort of change. Might be unwise but my hair is hardy (although my scalp less so.)

Don’t try this at home, kids. I’d definitely say always get your hair done in a salon. Although salons don’t seem to appreciate that I can pull off the wildest of styles. And getting my hair dyed in a salon reminds me of my parents splitting up…

So, as soon as I wash this out (get dressed and put some makeup on) I’ll post with the results. Wish me luck!

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