Hair care tips for men

We see so many articles out there giving women advice on how to care for their hair but I wanted to write something about hair care tips for men. While most men will have short, manageable hair they do the bare minimum with, that’s not to say they don’t need to look after their locks. The same goes for any dude with long/dyed/aggressively styled hair, you need to look after it! Here are some tips.

Don’t wash too often

Even if you have a shower every day, that doesn’t mean you need to wash every day. Hot water, vigorously shampooing and a rough dry will lead to unmanageable (sometimes ‘fluffy’) hair and you’ll strip out all the important oils. If you’re worried about your hair looking greasy, a little dry shampoo goes a long way.

Dry your hair gently

Instead of rubbing a towel all over your head, aim to squeeze and blot the water out of your hair. This will stop frizz, keep your hair calm and will avoid pulling any hairs out.

Ditch the combover

Even if you are starting to get a bit of a bald patch, don’t try and hide it with a combover. You can embrace your baldness, look for hair loss remedies, or consult a professional such as Harley Street Hair Clinic. Whatever you do, please realise that a combover is not a strong look.

Use fewer products

Heavy gels and waxes can clog up your hair follicles, stop growth and cause greasiness. Go easy on the hair products and you’ll probably find you can still achieve your desired look. If you feel your hair needs a handful of gel to do its thing, then you’re probably using the wrong product. Experiment with different strengths of product, as well as different types. For that gently tousled look you love so much, try a mousse instead of wax, for example.

Get a regular trim

Even if you’re happy with a bit of extra length (!) or are trying to grow our your style, a trim will keep your hair in good condition and make it easier to maintain in the long run.

Watch the heat

While it’s fine to hair dry or straighten your hair once in a while, regular heat treating can be very bad for it.

Looking after your hair is, to an extent, about looking at how to keep it healthy naturally. While it can be tempting to wash every day, use a hair dryer and plaster your hair with products, sometimes your hair needs a day off.

Gentlemen, what do you do to look after your hair?

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