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I wanted to post this because I think it’s informative for anyone who is sick to death of shaving their legs, armpits etc.

Underarm hair is nothing to be scared of; it’s as much a part of the human body as eyes and arms, yet most women insist on removing the hair. It is often one of the most frustrating places to remove hair for many.

Here are the most common ways to tackle underarm hair:

Underarm skin

There are several different at-home methods of removing underarm hair. It is just a case of knowing which one works best for you and your skin.

Due to the density of sweat glands, underarm skin can be one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Some may experience shaving rash in this area because the skin is so tender. A combination of clogged pores and the harshness of a razor against the skin are just a few of the contributing factors towards sensitive underarm skin.

Underarm skin is not exposed very often and so it would be advisable to let the skin breathe once you have washed and shaved it.

For some, shaving or removing hair under the arm can irritate the skin; this may result in that patch of skin going red.  Underarm skin could also react badly to various products such as deodorants and moisturisers, ultimately causing pain and soreness.

This is not a nice experience for the person who just wants to remove the hair.  Luckily there are some methods and alternative ways of removing hair that may end the on-going saga of soreness.

Laser hair removal

Instead of dreading the regular underarm shave, why not save yourself the stress by seeking a permanent hair removal solution.

Laser hair removal targets dark pigments in  of the hair and the  hairs absorb the heat of the laser, which will disable the hair follicle. As a result of lasers targeting dark pigment in hairs, it means the treatment will be  ineffective on light hairs and those with dark skin tones could face damage from burning or blistering.

It is an efficient and effective hair removal system which lead to permanent hair removal rather than traditional, temporaryways of getting rid of unwanted hair.

For the best results you will have to under go a series of treatments or sessions over a period of around 6 months. It would be advisable to follow the instructions if you own a home laser hair removal device.

Hair removal creams

Hair removal creams are another way of addressing the underarm hair issue. The creams often contain chemicals which breakdown the hair above the skin’s surface. This makes it easy to use and easy to clean. One tip would be to test a patch of skin first before applying the  amount needed to your underarm. This will help you determine how much you need to apply and whether you might experience  any bad reactions to the product.

Failing that, shaving and waxing are also options for underarm hair removal. Alternatively check out the TRIA laser hair removal reviews to find the best home device for you.

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